What's the 90 day dream dog program all about?

Hi, It's Matt and natalie!

Today I want to ask you a weird question...

What does the phrase “dream dog” mean to you?

When I ask that, do you think about...

  • The dog you own now...
  • A certain breed of dog…
  • A set of personality traits…
Or do you think even bigger? 

Not just about any particular dog, but really about...

The Dream Life That You Could Be Living With Your Dog?

If so, then keep reading because this letter may be one of the most important ones you’ve ever read… (Seriously).

Because inside I’ll reveal exactly how you can create your “dream dog” quickly and more easily than you might think possible.

what does a "dream life with your dog" mean to you?

You see, for every dog owner this “dream life” looks completely different.

For some, it’s freedom from the worry, stress and anxiety that comes from raising a dog…

The kind of freedom that comes with...
  • Not worrying about your dog running away
  • Not feeling stressed when you see another dog down the sidewalk
  • Not getting anxious about your dog jumping on people
And so on.

Their “dream life” is when you can just truly relax as a dog owner.

For others, it might be the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from having a well-trained dog…

The feeling you get when you can walk your dog “loose leash” and not have them pull on the end of it.

Or when you take them completely “off leash” without having to worry about them running away or being unable to call them back.

Or when they’re able to stay laser-focused on you no matter what else is going on around them.

For others a “dream life” with their dog might just be the ability to go on fun adventures with them…
You turn them into the ultimate jogging partner (and one who never cancels last minute)...

Or take them hiking in the mountains or swimming at the beach…

Or even paddle-boarding like one of our members Amber…Finally, you might be like Bree and just want your “dream dog” to be super-affectionate and perfect for cuddling!

Now whatever your definition of a “dream dog” is…

The Sad Fact Is That The Majority Of Dog Owners Never Get to Live Their Dream Life With Their Dogs… 

And before you think...

“Woah, woah, woah… Just what do you YOU know about me and my dog...?”

Let me explain myself.

As you already know, I’ve trained thousands of dogs in my life. Which means that I’ve also met thousands of dog owners and seen the kind of relationship they have with their dog…

Here’s what I’ve found: A lot of owners simply live an average life with their dog. (And it’s not their fault, as I’ll explain in a moment).

They don’t live a life of peace with their dog — instead, they’re accepted the reality that they’ll always just constantly have this worry in the back of their mind about their dog... (I know this one all too well because it’s exactly how I used to be with my own dogs).

Or these owners see all of the cool tricks and well behaved dogs on TV and think: “That could never be me…” or “That could never be my dog…”

And this type of thinking basically limits their dog and their potential as trainers.

Some owners would love to take their dogs out running or hiking or paddle surfing like Amber, but never feel like they can fully trust their dog, and keep “putting off” training… Until eventually they never get to experience all of the wonderful adventures that they could be having.

It truly does make me sad when I see dog owners and dogs not living the fullest life their possible…

Instead they live a life of constant stress…
A life with no fun adventures…
A life with no cool tricks and perfect behavior…
And so on.

All of which got me thinking...

Why Do So Many Dog Owners Simply Accept Anything Less Than a Perfect Dream Life With Their Dog?

Well, if we took a survey I bet that we’d come up with a few different reasons why dog owners feel this way.

  • They feel like it’s impossible to train their dog…
  • They feel like they don’t have the proper discipline as owners…
  • ​​They feel like it takes too much time…
  • They feel like it won’t work for their dog...
Or maybe they feel like they’re just happy with the way things are... And that’s completely okay. Not everyone is that passionate about living a “dream life” with their dog. 

But for the “dog mom” or “dog dad” who wants to to build the deepest relationship that’s possible with their dog and get the most out of their life together...

What gives?

Well, I think that the biggest mental blocks that dog owners have can be summed up into three parts…
  • It’s too hard and takes too long to train a “dream dog”
  • It won’t work for me or my dog
  • I just simply don’t know what to do
And if you’ve ever thought any of the above, then I’ve got great news for you.

These are all big, fat lies.

After working with thousands of dogs and owners, I can confidently say that training your pup to “dog mastery” can be simple, fit your schedule, and achievable for beginners...

And all it takes is a clear roadmap to take you from Point A to Point B. (And maybe a helping hand or two 😁)

Unfortunately, the majority of the dog training industry is set up to make profits from you rather than helping you achieve dog training mastery...

And the small remainder of “good” training schools and programs are stuck in the Stone Age… (meaning they don’t use technology to help give you the most effective kind of dog training possible.)

But luckily you no longer have to be stuck with outdated, ineffective training methods...

When you join the 90 Day Dream Dog...

I’ll Show You Exactly How You Can “Build Your Dream Dog” Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible…

  • It doesn’t matter what breed you have…
  • How busy your schedule is... (Because it won’t take more than a few minutes a day).
  • Or if you doubt your ability to be an effective trainer.
Trust me, what I’m about to show you works for all dogs and for all owners. And it will NOT take a lot of time or Herculean effort.

Let me ask you something...

How long do you actually think it takes to build your dream dog; how long to take them from “0” to Perfect Mastery? Maybe 5 years? 3 years?

Well the reality is that it doesn’t take anywhere near that long. In fact, it doesn’t even take 1 year to build your dream dog. (It doesn’t even take half that). Nope.

The truth is that you can build your dream dog in as little as 90 days. That’s it.

That’s just 3 short months of concentrated effort to bring any dog from the absolute basics to the kind of perfect mastery you see on A&E’s Top Dog.

(If you know what you’re doing of course).

So If You Want To Live the Fullest Life Possible With Your Dog...

To live a life with your dog that’s free from stress and worry…

One where you can take your dog on fun adventures…

Or have them do cool things like walk loose leash, hold extended commands and have perfect recall…

Or just where you get to show up as the leader you want to be for you dog…

And build a deep, lasting connection with them…

All within just 90 days and with no more than 25 minutes per day...

then let me Show You Exactly How to Build Your Dream Dog In a Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow Process...

what will you learn in the 90 day dream dog program?

Week One: “Deep Dive Training System”

  • ​How to use one Estonian Neuroscientist’s theory of “Blue Ribbon Emotions” to help your dog achieve biological harmony (Without this it’s almost impossible to eliminate nuisance behaviors). 
  • ​Why using “Reinforcement Packages” are more effective than simple “one-off” rewards for fast learning of new skills.
  • The little known fact about “C-schedules” and “P-schedules…” Understanding this difference is CRUCIAL for helping build long-term retention of new commands.

Week Two: “Boundaries, Structure & Impulse Control”

  • The single best way to introduce the “e-Collar” to make conditioning easy and natural.
  • ​The “doorstep method” for improving impulse control in less than 10 seconds.
  • The truth about setting “boundaries” for your dog... (Plus why so many dog owners and even professional trainers get this SO WRONG).

Week Three: “Leash Pressure & Intro to Climb Command”

  • How to use “leash pressure” the right way to communicate with your dog. (Most people have no system for applying pressure on walks and it confuses your dogs out of proper walking).
  • The simple reason why you should layer “prong collar use” with the “climb command.”
  • The RIGHT way to use leash-corrections if you want to achieve a perfect loose leash walk.

Week Four: “The Most Powerful Loose-Leash Walking Drills"

  • The 4 drills every dog owner MUST master if they want to achieve a perfect loose-leash walk (this is the bulk of what I do in my in-person board & trains and it makes a huge difference in your dog’s behavior).
  • How to correctly time your leash-handling, remote controls and rewards at the same time… Getting the “timing” right is 90% of the battle when teaching loose-leash walking and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Week Five: “Conditioning the E-Collar"

  • How to use “continuous conditioning” to make e-Collar use simple, natural and automatic.
  • The ONE thing most dog owners get wrong when they try to use an e-Collar on their own.

Week Six: “Distance, Duration and Distraction"

  • Why an “elevated bed” is the #1 most important step to working up to taking your dog “off-leash.
  • How to “layer” e-Collar pressure to ensure that your dog can hold extended commands.

Week Seven: “Down & Stay Commands"

  • How to use the power of “step-in” and “step-aways” to deepen the neural pathways that allow your dog to hold down and stay commands.
  • Why you should “phase-off” using an elevated dog bed (plus, how to do this naturally without confusing your dog).

Week Eight: “Recall"

  • The simple “inside-outside theory” that makes long-distance recall possible (if you skip these steps, you’ll likely only get “half-baked” recall).
  • Why you must ALWAYS use rewards when training recall.
  • How to use “gamification” to speed through the learning curve and make training fun and exciting for your dog.

Week Nine: “Removing Nuisance Behaviors"

  • How to eliminate the 3 biggest “CBD Nuisance Behaviors” most dog owners struggle with.
  • Why “poop eating” is common in certain dogs and EXACTLY what you should do to put an end to it.

Week Ten: “Anxiety, Reactivity and More"

  • The truth about “crate anxiety” and “separation anxiety” plus the one simple method you can use to train it out of your dogs without causing emotional harm.
  • The simple training protocol that gives your dog incredible calm and confidence even if they seem like “reactive wrecks” right now. 

Then We Have 2 Weeks to Put Everything Together!

After 10 weeks of advanced training…

It’s time to “tie up” all the loose ends and smooth out any rough patches as we work closely to make sure every skill and behavior is worked through.

Most “Board & Trains” are only 5 weeks at the most…

Which means that so many skills are only “half-baked” by the end of the training.

By devoting a full 2 weeks to implementation…

You make sure that all of the training is “deeply ingrained” and won’t have to be relearned later in the future.

is the 90 Day Dream Dog program for you?

  • If You Want To An “A to Z” Training Roadmap 
  • ​If You'd Like To Learn Advanced Skills and Techniques 
  • ​Join An Ongoing Support From a Community of Dog Lovers
  • ​Not Just Have a Trainer Train Your Dog, But You Learn How-To Train Your Own Dog
  • Abolishing Any Sort of Nasty Behavior They’ve Stubbornly Have
  • ​Uncover More Dog “Emotional” and “Psychological” Topics
  • ​If You Want To Live a Life of Complete Peace and Freedom Your Dog

what is included in 90 Day Dream Dog?

Canine Performance Coach Accelerator, 90-Day Dream Dog - $5,997 value

You'll get access to the community, the training, and all of our expertise delivered to you on a silver platter. The information is super important to learn, and valuable for building a dream life with your dog. 

You’ll receive the recordings of ALL 12 weeks of each training in your membership area. The recordings will drip out 1 week at a time, to help with the pacing and accountability of working through the coursework.

With each training recording, there will be actionable homework to complete each week to train with your dog and help you stay on track.

Canine Performance Playbook - $897 value

You’ll get the blueprint for creating your "Dream Dog" in 90 days or less. As you work through each week's training, you can follow along in your Playbook.

Dogpro Trainers Network - $497 value

Connect with peers in the Dogpro community to share your goals, get inspired by others, and find encouragement and motivation with dog owners just like you.

You'll also get access to Canine Performance's network of professional dog trainers to ask questions and get feedback on your journey.


  • ​“Basics of Obedience” Course
  • ​“Advanced Training” Course

hot topic group Coaching - $197 value

Get 1 year access to live group coaching sessions with Natalie twice a month! Learn to help your dog with topics such as:
  • ​Separation Anxiety
  • ​Reactivity
  • ​Multiple Dog Household
  • ​Building Food Motivation
  • ​And countless other offbeat issues that plague dog owners...

random prize drawings - priceless

Natalie will be awarding prizes for completing your homework and tasks along the way. Be active in the group and lookout for the prize posts!

If you are prize motivated, you'll definitely have a lot of fun executing on what you learn!

enroll in the 90 day dream dog program with Confidence Thanks to our results-based Guarantee!  


We are 100% confident that if you do what we tell you to do in this course, you will succeed.

However, If you follow the course to a "T", complete all assignments and don't get any results, just contact us at info@canineperformancecoach.com so we can help you get results.

Here’s A Quick Reminder Of Everything You Get When You join the 90 day dream dog program TODAY!

total of 3 monthly payments of $187 each
  • Canine Performance Coach Accelerator 90-day Dream Dog Course Content ($5997 Value)
  • Weekly Training & Lessons Workbook ($897 Value)
  • Access to the Dogpro Community App ($497 Value)
  • BONUS Basics of Obedience Course ($300 Value)
  • BONUS Advanced Training Course ($300 Value)
  • 1 Year of Bi-Monthly Hot Topic Group Coaching ($197 VALUE)
  • Random Prize Drawings (PRICELESS)

frequently asked questions

What if I have a question I need your help during the program?
Great question! Just search for #question inside of our DogPro App and post your question there. I will review those questions daily. No question is a dumb question.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, we do! If you buy a 3-month payment plan, it's only $187 per month. Or you can buy in full for $497. 
Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
We are 100% confident that if you do what we tell you to do in this course, you will succeed. However, If you follow the course to a "T", complete all assignments and don't get any results, just contact us at info@canineperformancecoach.com so we can help you get results.

This training is powerful & I stand behind it 100%. That's how confident I am in this program. I'm not interested in making money unless you are satisfied with the results.
Have more questions? Reach out to Matt and Natalie directly if you have questions you’d like them to answer at info@canineperformancecoach.com

if you are ready FOR A DREAM LIFE WITH YOUR DOG, this is for you!

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Hey, my name is ______________, and I recently I read a case study from Russell Brunson, showing how he was able to take one of his marketing funnels that was working so poorly, he literally was about to shut off the hosting, and walk away from it forever...

But, in almost a moment of desperation, he decided to try something crazy - and within 30 days, this funnel had done over $100k in sales...

Within 60 days over $300k...

And within 90 days, they passed the $500k a month mark!

I thought this casestudy was really cool, and that you'd probably like it a lot, so I go permission to post this casestudy here for you to read. I hope you enjoy!
CASESTUDY: How We Took 1 Dead Funnel, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $500k Per Month Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
Earlier this year, we almost walked away from a sales funnel we had spent over 18 months trying to perfect, but we just couldn't make profitable. 

It was selling a new supplement we had invented, and while the website was creating customers, it was doing it at a loss. 

Yes, for every $1 we put into ads, we were getting back about $0.40. 

Not a good way to run a business long term. 

We had tested and tried a LOT of things (as you may know, we literally wrote the book on split testing - you can get a free copy of that book at www.DotComSecretsLabs.com)...

Yet for some reason, we couldn't turn the corner on this one. 

Conversions were good... cashflow was bad. 

About that time I had a chance to talk to a few guys I knew who were crushing it in a very similar market. 

I showed them what we were doing, what our conversions were, and why I was frustrated. 

He came back with two questions. 

First) How much does it cost you to acquire a customer. 

Ha ha... this one I knew. :)  

After watching Shark Tank for years, I knew this was a core metric that EVERYONE had to master, or they couldn't run a business. 
"Depending on the traffic source, we average about $80 to acquire a customer."
Boom - I'm pretty sure he was going to be impressed. 

Then question #2 came out:

Second) What's your average cart value? 

Huh...? Cart Value? What's that mean? Why aren't you asking me about my conversion rates?

I had never heard of that metric before. 
"It's how much money you make on average, in the cart (including your upsells, downsales, etc...), when someone buys your product." he said...
Now, that was a metric in our funnel I had never looked at before.   

So I went back to the drawing board, started crunching our numbers, and figured out that our average cart value was ONLY about $32. 

"Well, that's your problem - you're conversions might be awesome, but your cart value sucks. Get that up, and you're back in the game."

Hmmm... I had never thought about cart value before. How could I increase that? 
  • Adding more upsells...
  • Adding a downsale...
  • Adding exit pops...
  • And more...
Where else could I add in things to increase my revenue? 

As you can guess, that put us on a new mission. 

At the time, we only had 1 upsell, and while it converted great, the dollar amount didn't get us even close to break even, let alone a profit. 

So, we changed the first upsell, and did a bundle pack that sold 6 bottles. 

We created another product for a second upsell, and then a third.  

After we had everything in place, we turned the traffic back on. 

We already knew it was going to take us about $80 to acquire a customer... but how much now would we make immediately, in the cart, from each person who bought? 

Within hours, we knew we had a winner. We were averaging about $163 cart value on day #1 (before any follow ups went out!!!)

Do you know what that means? 

$80 to acquire, and we immediately, point of sale (in the cart) make $163 back out!

$1 in... $2 back out!

That's the formula for a winner!

Now all we had to do, was add more traffic, and watch how fast we could scale this offer.  

And the results were awesome. 

Within a month, we passed $100k in sales. 

Within 2 months, over $300k. 

And by month #3, less than 90 days after making those changes, we had passed the $500k a month mark!

So, next time you start to build a funnel (or you're trying to fix a dead funnel) - remember these two metrics:

1st - what does it cost to acquire a customer?
2nd - what is your average cart value...

If you can get those 2 numbers right, everything else will take care of itself.

Russell Brunson
CEO www.DotComSecrets.com 
Isn't that awesome! After reading that I got so excited, I wanted to see behind the scenes on EVERY page, what Russell had done...

So, I went to the website, and started to buy the product, so I could see all of the pages in his funnel...

But the problem, was depending on what I purchased, I saw different things. I got a glimpse of what he was doing, but I wasn't able to see the whole thing. 

So I asked Russell if he's be willing to show me behind the scenes of his funnel, and show me EVERY page, what they did, why he did them in that order, what he had tested that worked... and what he did that didn't work. 

Knowing that Russell charges $3,500 for a 1 hour consult on the phone, I didn't think I was going to hear back...

But what happened next shocked me. 

I got an email back from Russell, and the subject line said:
Funnelology 101
What..? What was this? 

I nervously opened the email, and what I found inside literally changed my business forever.

Not only did Russell open up EVERYTHING and show me EXACTLY what he had done, and why... 

He recorded a mini course showing me every page... every step in the funnel - What he had done, and why.  

He also went on to show me WHERE he got his traffic, how much it costs and more!

He literally HANDED me a blueprint, that I could plug ANY product into, and see almost instant success!

He asked me to keep this mini course a secret, because he didn't want it passed around free on forums and message boards.

But I asked him if I could make it available to a few of my faithful subscribers.  

I had to twist his arm a bit, but finally he said YES!!! (with just a few rules)

1st) I couldn't show it to everyone - only people who are serious about growing a company online.

2nd) I couldn't give it away free - people I show it to HAVE to make some type of token investment.
"If they aren't willing to invest something in their business, then no matter what we show them, they'll never actually value it."
said Russell...

So, I asked him if I could sell it to a select few people, for just $7.  

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